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Aawara Shoma Zaa – MP3 Master Track

Awara Shoma Zaa – by Gul Panra, Master Track uploaded to sound track.
Film Nasha Pashto Movie.
compose by : Humayun Khan



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  1. Pashtu movies destroying future of new generation , I am requesting to all authority please take immediately action to bane this movies ,, Pashthoon peaceful , respectful , hounrable , hospitable people ,, not as movie maker showing in movies ,,

  2. که ګلپاڼه دا ډول سندرې ووایي پهد پښتنو په زړونو کې به ډېر لوړ ځای خپل کړي. له لومړنۍ سندرې وروسته #اې_زماپاګل_ملنګه #زماغزل البوم یې ډېر خوندور وو اوس یې دا ډېره خوندوره سندره ویلې ده.

Aawara Shoma Zaa – MP3 Master Track

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