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Gul Panra | Awara Shuma Za Song Teaser


Film Nasha First Teaser MP3

Paighle Mayan Sta Pa Ada Ym

paighle mayan sta

Paighle Mayan Sta pa Ada Yam By GulPanra by Pashto-Songs

Film Angar
Singers: Gul Panra & Shahsawar
Artists: Arbaz Khan & Asma Lata

Nasha A Production of Musafir Films



( Nasha is an upcoming Pashto movie that is unique in its own sense. It will be marked in the history of Pakistan as first Pashto HD movie. The plot surrounds a main lead that is played by “Arbaaz Khan” who is already a famous personality in Pashto film industry.  Nasha will narrate the story of a person who has faced three different stages of life and finally being elder and only supporter of a family will be pushed to an undeserving life style that was not destined for him. The end of movie will be worth watchable due to the competent struggles of its team. Nasha will be released in More…

Ghandageer – Promo Pashto Film

Pashto New Film  Gandageer – Coming Soon

Present By : Musafir Cd’s

Film Name: Gandageer
Actors: Shahsawar, Shahid Khan, Jahangir Khan

Promo Link :

Sobia Khan – Film Armaan Poster

Poster of Zama Arman

Sobia Khan

PROMO ”Ta Sirf Zama ye” ZAMA ARMAN Movie

Pashto Film : ZAMA ARMAN
SONG : Ta Sirf Zama Ye

Director Liaqat Ali Khan

د ډائريکټر لياقت علي خان د وړومبي پښتو اېچ ډي فلم (زما ارمان) د ټائټل سندرې (تۀ صرف زما يې) پرومو.

Shahsawar & Sobia Khan – Love story Poster

Shahsawar & Sobia Khan – Love story Poster

Pashto film PEKHAWRY BADMASH : Making

Love Story – Pashto Film

Pashto film Love Story Beautiful Story inspired movie from Mohabbattain.
Such a Good Story of pashto movies.
You Can watch with family

Directed By : Nadir Khan
Producer: Muzaffar Khan & Haliqo Khan More…

New Pashto Tele Film ” BodyGuard “

Produced By : Asad Khan
Cheif Executive : Sarfraz Khan & Jumma Khan

Actor : Shahid Khan , Jahangir Khan , Sumbal, Kiran