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Nasha A Production of Musafir Films


( Nasha is an upcoming Pashto movie that is unique in its own sense. It will be marked in the history of Pakistan as first Pashto HD movie. The plot surrounds a main lead that is played by “Arbaaz Khan” who is already a famous personality in Pashto film industry.  Nasha will narrate the story of a person who has faced three different stages of life and finally being elder and only supporter of a family will be pushed to an undeserving life style that was not destined for him. The end of movie will be worth watchable due to the competent struggles of its team. Nasha will be released in April, 2015.

3 Songs will sung By Gul panrafor this nashi movie she is a very famous Singer in a region.

Nasha Movie Title Song is : Bazar de Bazar.   Sook Wajood Kharsai ,Sook Zamir Kharsai, Sook Khpal JagirKharsai, Sok majboor de da halatona.

Song 2 :Jwand Na baizarashoma za.

Cast:Arbaaz Khan, AsmaLataetc

Directed By:Liaqat Ali Khan
Music Arrangment: Ivan Shafiq
Music Director:Hamayoon Khan (First movie as Music Director as he is well known Pashto singer)
Associate Director:Shahid Usman
Produced By:Muzafar Khan&Feroz Khan
Edit & Promo:AsadZada


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Nasha A Production of Musafir Films

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